Have you remembered when you have cleaned your car engine? If you don’t remember its best time to clean your engine without any struggles. Read more this article to take an overview of engine cleaning methods. For a while if you are failed to clean the engine it reaches worst condition and damages, have you know that. Immediately clean your engine by yourself from your home, you should take safety measures and safety products to save your engine and you from cost paying to service.

Determine the measure of blocks

You have to dismantle the engine, then measure the blocks on engine to pick up the right cleaning products and agents. You might clean your engine at the outer layer, but cleaning on the inner layer is the best ideas to be away from damages. Removing the engine block can be done in two processes, by

  • drying out the coolant
  • disconnecting the hoses from the exhaust

engine cleaningMake ready the requirement tools

Take out the cleaning product of agents according to for your purpose, and hardware tools to dismantle the wire connections. Required tools and usage are listed below

  • Hold pair of safety gloves, which has the chemical resistant
  • Safety goggles – to avoid toxic contact directly to eyes
  • WD40 – rust remover, lubricant
  • Air compressor – to remove dust and debris
  • Plastic Scrapper – to remove rust

Dismantle the wire connections

You can take time to removes the cables from the engine, initially, you have to disconnect the negative power cable to avoid short circuit, then remove the positive wire connection.

Make a roof to the internal parts

Once you dismantle the wires, you have to cover the delicate internal parts of the engine to save from chemical products. Clean the inside of an engine which holds block.

Neutralize the acids

Use the wire brush to remove the corrosions on the engine, even you can use resist enamel when you clean the spilled acids on the engine. Dip the dismantle engine cables into a tub; use an appropriate scrapper to scrub the engine block thoroughly. If you are unsatisfied on cleaning, take the wooden brush with many bushes to clean the remaining specks of dust from the engine.

Wash off it

Make sure about your cleaning on entire engine space and blocks, and then take some required amount of warm water. Submerge the engine by filling the warm water on engine to clean a rusty engine block to remove the oils and dirt deposited on the small places. Rinse off the engine by using spray washer to contact directly on the side corners and spaces.

remake your engine

Check and analyze crannies

Once you wash off with warm water, you have to use a brush to clean rust out of engine block or other removing agent to rub off blocks from sturdy surface and nooks. Especially take twice test on crannies examine the cleaned state.

Drying off process

Use the rag to dry off on the outer surface of the engine and prefer to use an air compressor to dry off the inner elements. Use the cloth to dry again and inspect the engine and its block. Now you have to use WD-40, spray it on the engine before installing the engine into the car.