Do you know the reasons for burning oil? In general, burning oil is caused due to the leakage of oil, which supposed to burns the exhaust components or hot engine.

If you want to prevent your car from expensive repairs, immediately you have to stop down the leakage of oils in your vehicle. The engine oils are leaked due to extreme heat or excessive tear and wear.

The oil leakage will distribute overall outside of the engine and make the other components hotter. In case, if the external engine components are damaged heavily it will lead to causes of burning oil.

If you cannot able to diagnose the issues in the internal parts of the engine, you have to consult the professionals for the causes an engine to burn oil.

Poor Valve Seals:

The flow of oil can be effectively prevented using the valve seals into the engine. In case, if the valve seals in your vehicle are improperly installed, broken, worn down, or cracked, then the oil flow will be entered into the cylinder and engine. Due to the leakage of oil, the compression may get affected severely.

Burns Due To Mechanical Problems:

The mechanical problems may be a major key factor for oil burning in your vehicle. The rings have the responsibility to form a seal layer against the cylinder wall, which helps to prevent the oil from entering into the combustion chamber and burning. The engine burning oil can be occurred due to the leakage of the oil into the engine chamber.

You have to form a good seal; the ring grooves should be flat and true and also the rings should move freely on the grooves. Otherwise, the oil may have a chance of entering into the combustion chamber.

Due To The Damaged Oil Pan:

At the bottom of the engine, the engine oil pan is located. For instance, if the oil pan is damaged due to the road debris such as rocks or some other hard objects, then the car burning oil may get started to leak into the engine. If there are no hot surfaces in your vehicle, then no other issues have been occurred other than that of the burning oil.

leakage of oilsImproper Attach Of Oil Filter:

The oil filter has been improperly attached, during the alteration of oil in your vehicle. For instance, if the oil filter will not be screwed or attached securely and tightly, they may have a chance of leakage of oil through it. The oil can be settled on some parts of your vehicle engine, if the vehicle is exposed to extreme heat then the oil started to burn.

Improper Oil Drain Plug:

The mechanism involved in the motor oil is replacing of old oil from the engine by the new one. in case, if the oil drain plug is not secured properly, it will cause an oil leakage in your vehicle and leads to the engine burning oil.

Thus, these are all the important reasons for the engine oil burning. Make use of this information, if you want to know about the oil leakage in your vehicle.