Knocking sensor is an element attached to the car to have a safety alarm to precaution from dangerous incidents. Have you noticed the knocking sensor attached on your car? If you are failed to notice that you might fail to know about knocking on the car.

If you are unaware about the knocking system and its abnormality sign to safeguard you, look at this article to read and know more. The device is specialized for detecting the sense of unusual pulsations from the car during the ride.

The function of the Knock sensor

The knock sensor device will be mounted on the cylinder head of the car, to observe the condition of car on every moment. It acts as a computer for the car system to detect the unusual operation on the car. The detecting system on the car will be an ear for the car to detect internal tremors to pick up as a tedious process to make an alert. The sensor controls the acceleration on the car and worse emission on cars to avoid running the car on hot condition.

What are the bad signs releases by knock sensor?

It is sensitive equipment on the engine, when the spark ignition happens at the engine it will create the alarm tone and signal. It will send the voltage signal on the ignition time to the control module on the car; it indicates the sign of danger on the car engine. When you realize the signal and tone when a knock sensor goes bad you have to stop the car and move away far distance from car to safeguard you. Symptoms of knock sensor signal generated are listed below.

Due to lacking one engine performance

When the knock sensor failed to receive proper information from Powertrain Control Management, the car system will get affected at the ignition. When throttle gets unresponsive through accelerating the speed will cause ignitions on the engine it will cause of a bad knock sensor. Check the car health by your mechanic when you face lots of spending cost on fuel and gas.

Due to illumination form engine light

You have to take proper and regular car service to extend the life of the car engine if you failed to do the engine might gets damages on internal and external parts. Engine Control Unit of knock sensor will send the symptoms of bad knock sensor signal when the engine light gets illuminates.

knock sensorThings might happen while driving with a bad knock sensor

Once you feel the absence of knock sensor you have to immediately contact a mechanic to repair the system or to replace the system. If you failed to do you have to face the following problems on car.

More fuel consumption

The fuel tank will get dry off easily, you can’t move anywhere without filling the fuel tank, and you can’t find the right time for fuel consumption.

High compression

Engine combustion ratio will get extend; it makes the air pressure from the tire to work with more mechanical energy.

Vibrations and sound from the engine

The abnormal condition from the car engine will create a vibration on the car while hiking on breakers, and it produces noisier while driving.